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Welcome to GoFruits

Back in 2015, as fruit enthusiasts, we strived to look for fresh and tasty fruit (be it local or imported fruits) at affordable prices.

We liked to share our findings and experiences with our families, friends and colleagues, and more often than not we would get numerous requests to purchase fruit on their behalf.

As the demands grew, it started to dawn on us that there are many others like us who would love to taste varieties of fresh and tasty fruit but are otherwise hindered by direct fruit sources, affordability and time constraints (WORK!!). Hence GOFRUITS was born.

Our Vision

We are the fruit-junkies that aspire to be the next ‘Uber’ and ‘Airbnb’ in the fruit world.

We are your friendly and reliable enthusiasts who pride ourselves in delivering fruit of the highest quality in town by selecting what is the best of the season, and to the best of our ability hand-pick each fruit you order. With the strict personal philosophy that our customers should only receive the best, we select only the freshest fruits with the best competitive price tag in the market. Besides, we do provide online delivery fruit gift baskets.

As such, we are so confident of our quality that we will guarantee to exchange any fruit that you are not satisfied with, no further questions asked. Our fruit is sourced straight from growers and partners to be the freshest and tastiest fruit in town.

Why Fruits Pantry?

You will be amazed at the impact that a small initiative has on
staff morale. By introducing fruit to your staff we are
sure that they will feel more valued and appreciated, which will
lead to better work performances. A little investment on
promoting fruit as a healthy snack could reap major benefits like: –

  • Improve staff morale
  • Increase motivation
  • Reduce the rate of absenteeism
  • Improve corporate image &
    attractiveness of workplace

Get in touch with us, we will customize the package to suit any budget.

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