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Banganapalle Pakistan Mango 1pc

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Type: Banganapalle  Mango

Origin: Pakistan

Unit: 1 pc


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Long oval shape. Soft when pressed. Fruit flesh is fragrant, sweet and very juicy.     

Nutritional Value:
• Vitamin A
• Vitamin C
• Antioxidants
• Anti-inflammatory
• Improves digestion
• Good source of fibre
• Low-fat

Health Benefits:  
Improves Cell Function
Vitamin C helps improve cell health in the body. Vitamin C is essential for immune system functions, strong connective tissue and healthy blood vessel walls. Vitamin C deficiency can lead to poor wound healing, joint pain, and, in extreme cases, scurvy which can be fatal if untreated.
Mangoes are also a good source of vitamin A. Vitamin A is important for normal vision, healthy skin, reproductive health and normal cell development.

Aids Fluid Balance
The potassium in mangoes helps regulate blood pressure and body fluid balance. Adults are advised to consume at least 2,600mg of potassium for women and 3,400mg of potassium for men daily. A single serving of mango provides 257 milligrams.

Protects Against Cell Damage
Mangoes contain antioxidant compounds. Antioxidants help to protect your body’s cells being damaged from free radicals which may cause some types of cancer, atherosclerosis and other diseases.

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits
Research has revealed that mangoes contain anti-inflammatory properties and may well assist in helping to reduce obesity. They have been found to improve the good bacteria in the gut, which helps prevent against conditions such as type 2 diabetes. One cup of mango is bursting with antioxidants and over 20 different vitamins and minerals.
Mangoes have been known to help relieve pain, swelling and redness in joints.

How to enjoy the deliciousness of Mangoes:
Firstly, choose mangoes that are ripe. To check for ripeness, push your fingers into it and if they leave a dent then the mango is ready to eat. An unripe mango will remain firm, if this is the case then leave it out for a few days until it is ready. An unripe mango will taste hard and bitter so don’t spoil this scrumptious fruit by eating it too early.
Mangoes are full of sweetness, are so juicy and can be enjoyed in so many ways. Try out the following ideas and relish the experience:
• fresh, either straight from the fruit bowl or chilled from the fridge
• accompany the mangoes with other Go Fruits’ fruit to enjoy a delicious and healthy fruit salad
• add them to your favourite salads
• chilled and juiced or add to your breakfast smoothies
• spice up your evening meal: mango salsa, add to your chicken, beef or prawn dishes, rice
• desserts: yogurt, ice cream, rice pudding, fruit kebabs
• chutneys, waffles and pancakes, cocktails and mocktails


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