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Dokong, 1000g

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Thailand DOKONG

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An exotic, seasonal fruit in the tropics, Elang duku originated from South East Asia. It is occasionally used to make jams in Malaysia and Indonesia. In Thai, it is known as Langsat ลังสต้า (Lanzones). And it also know as Dokong!

This variety is sweeter, nicer because of its smaller, undeveloped seeds and thicker rind, so it is very much preferred over the standard Langsat. It is a cross between Duku and Longkong, which is why it is called Dukong or sometimes Dokong!

The Dokong skin is thick, pale yellow and doesn’t stick to the inside of the fruit with latex. It is a hybrid of Duku and Langsat with fewer seeds than both. The Dokong fruit can be more expensive than other types of Duku and Langsat because it’s widely believed that this type may have higher sugar content.

The fruit has a duku and langsat mixture, meaning it can be elliptical, oval or round. The skin is yellow & leathery, with each fruit divided into five or six slices of translucent flesh.

We offer more than Dokong fruit and you may always request a fruit brochure from us through WhatsApp.

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