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Shimane Delaware Grape, 180g+-

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Type: Japan Delaware Grape

Origin: Shimane, Japan

Weight: 180g+-

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Japan Delaware Grapes is just like Mini Kyoho + Champagne grapes. The smallish size of the grapes which resemble of Champagne grapes but texture like Kyoho. The Grape to be eaten only the flesh. No advisable to consume the think skin.

Nutritional Value:
• Cholesterol-free
• Fat-free
• Sodium-free
• Vitamin K
• Vitamin C
• Manganese

How to enjoy Grapes:
With their natural sweetness and juicy bursts of flavour, grapes can be delicious in all kinds of dishes. Check out some ideas below:
• Frozen for a chilled snack or add to the kid’s lunch boxes
• Fresh, eating straight from the vines
• Juiced and chilled, even as a slushie
• Roasting with oil, salt and pepper
• Tossed in salads or accompanied with other Gofruit’s fruits for a refreshing fruit salad
• Fruit kebabs or try with meat and vegetables
• Salsa for chicken, fish or meat
• Poach pears in grape juice
• Dipped in melted chocolate and allowed to hardened for a delicious dessert
• Grape and cheese platters
• Relish, chutney, pancakes and muffins

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500g, 1kg

1 review for Shimane Delaware Grape, 180g+-

  1. Josephine Tung

    Will repeat order again for this delaware grape.

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