Nova Tangerine, 750g

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Type: Nova Tangerine

Country : South Africa

Weight: 750g per pack

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an edible, orange-like fruit that is native to Southeast Asia. Though the citrus fruit resembles an orange in shape and color, it’s actually quite small—about the size of an olive. Typically, are round or oblong.


Shelf Life – Can last for 02 weeks if stored in refrigerator. Recommended to be consumed within 03~04days if placed in room temperature


Health Benefits of KumQuat – Known to be high in Vitamin C, Fiber and 80% of water. It helps to support healthy immune function, which can be used to treat colds, cough and other inflammation of the respiratory tract. The plant compounds in kumquat peels may help prevent weight gain and promote healthier blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Famous Country of Producer – China is one of the world’s leading producers for Kumquats, it is a native fruit to China. Japan, Taiwan and South Africa are one of the famous countries of producing it after that.


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