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Spain, Pomegranate, 2 pcs

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Country: Spain

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Pomegranate fruit is rich in vitamin C, K, and dietary fiber. They can also help reduce cholesterol levels, prevent heart disease, and reverse atherosclerosis.

Nutritional Value:
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin K
• Dietary Fiber
• Anti-Oxidant

Health Benefits

1. Anti-inflammatory and Pain Relief

The nutrition in pomegranates has an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting inflammatory cytokine activity. This helps improve osteoarthritis by preserving and repairing cartilage, respectively.

2. Helps Reduce Blood Pressure and Protects the Heart

Pomegranate is often seen as a heart-healthy fruit and it has been shown to help lower systolic blood pressure, improve blood flow and keep the arteries from becoming thick and stiff. Drink pomegranate juice daily to take advantage of these benefits!

3. Improves Memory

There is research which suggests that juices rich in antioxidants could slow the progress of Alzheimer’s and protect the memory.

4. Enhance Exercise Performance

Pomegranate is rich in nitrates and recent studies have found that this fruit can improve  muscle performance during exercise. It also displays properties of preventing soreness and improving muscle regeneration. Pomegranate has been found to help protect against oxidative damage caused by heavy physical activity.

5. Cardiovascular Benefits

Pomegranates are high in antioxidants that help prevent oxidative damage to blood lipids, as well as prostate cancer and may also help with plaque.

6. Improves Digestion

Pomegranate juice is a popular drink that can have many benefits. One of these is to help reduce inflammation in the gut and improve digestion.

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