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Seedless Guava 1kg+-

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Type: Seedless Guava
Unit: 1 kg / 4 pieces average
Country: Thailand

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Shelf Life – Guava as a highly perishable fruit, is recommended to store it in cooling temperature (8~10’C) for maintaining the quality up to 15Days.

Health Facts of Guava – Guava extract can help to improve blood sugar control and boost hearth health by lowering blood pressure, decresijng bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Studies shows that it is very beneficial for ladies to have guava as it helps to relieve menstruation cramps and good for skin health. Additionally, Guava helps to improve digestion system and assist in weight management

Famous Country of Producer – Guava is a tropical fruit that is native to Mexico, Central and South America. However, India, China and Thailand are countries that famous and biggest in producing Guava .


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