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Solo Papaya, 2 pcs

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Type: Solo Papaya

Origin : Thailand

Unit: 2 fruits

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Thailand solo papaya are rich in vitamins A and C, high in potassium and fibre – but despite this, they’re a fat-free, cholesterol-free treat you can enjoy guilt free.

  • Papayas are rich in enzymes that help digestion, such as papain and chymopapain. They are also low in fat and high in fiber, which can lower cholesterol levels.

  • Papayas contain three powerful antioxidants: Vitamins C and E and beta-carotene. These nutrients help combat the oxidation of cholesterol, a chemical which may damage the blood vessel walls and eventually lead to heart attack or stroke.

  • In a study, men who ate lycopene-rich fruits and drank green tea were less likely to have prostate cancer than those who consumed the least lycopene-rich foods.

  • Vitamin A-rich foods, such as papaya, can help reduce the chance of developing emphysema amongst smokers.

  • Eating 3 servings of fruit per day may lower the risk of age-related macular degeneration, which could cause vision loss in older adults.

  • Vitamins C & A, which are both produced from beta-carotene in the body, are both needed for a healthy immune system.

We offer more than Solo Papaya and you may always request a fruit brochure from us through WhatsApp.

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