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Packham Pear, 5

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Type: Packham Pear

Size: 60′

Unit: 5 pcs

Country: South Africa

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Rounded bell-shaped bottom with a narrow neck. The flesh is creamy-white with a smooth texture and tastes sweet and juicy.

Nutritional Value:   
• Rich in insoluble fibre
• Vitamin C
• Potassium
• Copper
• Sodium-free
• Cholesterol-free
• Fat-free

Health Benefits:   
Helps Repair Cells
Vitamin C is important for cell growth and repair as well as preventing oxidative damage. Vitamin C also boosts immunity, aids in the healing of cuts and bruises and protects against infectious diseases. Additionally, the pear skin contains flavonoids, phenolics, and triterpenes that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Lowers the Risk of Diabetes
Flavonoids in pears are linked to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Due to the fibre and anthocyanin contents in the pear, digestion slows down which gives your body more time to break down and absorb the carbs which assists in regulating blood sugar levels and helping to prevent and control diabetes.

Lowers the Risk of Chronic Disease
Pears are high in dietary fibre and flavonoids called quercetin which boosts heart health by improving blood pressure and lowering cholesterol. Eating pears regularly may reduce the risk of strokes. Consuming considerable amounts of white fruits and vegetables may protect against chronic diseases.
In addition to helping you feel full (which can help with weight management), eating foods that are high in fibre can improve digestive health and reduce the odds of developing coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes and some gastrointestinal diseases.

May Protect Against Certain Cancers
Pears contain many potent plant compounds that may have cancer-fighting properties. The antioxidant compounds in pears have been associated with reducing the risk of certain cancers, including, oral cavity and laryngeal, oesophageal, colorectal, breast, ovarian and kidney cancers.

Eases Hangover Symptoms
Hangovers could be prevented by drinking pear juice before alcohol as it can lower a person’s blood alcohol level.
Pears can keep cholesterol down, help with constipation and work as an anti-inflammatory in addition to stopping people from getting as drunk.

How to enjoy Pears:
Try these deliciously simple ways to enjoy them.
• poaching, preserving, chutneys, salsa, dips
• sweet salads, sweet soups, substitute apples with pears for a low-fat yummy cobbler
• snacking: fresh, with or without the skin, and either straight from the fruit bowl or chilled from the fridge
• grilled with cheese for a tasty sandwich or add a dash of cinnamon for pear toast
• add to your oatmeal for an alternate breakfast dish or top any cereal with pear chunks
• add other Go Fruits’ fruit for a super delightful healthy fruit salad
• add to desserts, salads, coleslaw, chicken, fish and meat dishes, stir fries, casseroles, frittatas
• smoothies, juice, punch
• pancakes, waffles, muffins, pear and apple sauce


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