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Thai Pink Guava, 1kg

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Type: Pink Guava
Size: Medium
Unit: 1kg (6-7 pcs)
Country: Thailand

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Thai pink guava contain a lot of vitamin C and can help protect your cardiovascular health. They also supply vital nutrients like potassium and pectin that can improve the function of your digestive system.

Shelf Life – Guava is a perishable fruit so it needs to be stored in a cool environment within the range of 18-22 degrees. It can stay fresh for up to 15 days.

Health Facts of Guava – This extract can help to improve your health, by lowering blood pressure, decreasing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. According to studies, it is very beneficial for both women and men. Guava can be used for relief in menstruation pains and helps with skin health. It is also good for digestive system and weight management.

Famous Country of Producer – Guava is a tropical fruit that originated in Mexico, Central and South America but is now produced heavily in India, China and Thailand.

We offer more than Thai pink guava and you may always request a fruit brochure from us through WhatsApp.

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