Turkey Sweet Apricot 1 pack

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Type: Sweet Apricot

Weight : 350g

Origin : Turkey

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Sweet Turkey Apricot

Shelf Life – The shelf life of whole apricot can last for 01~03 Days in room temperature and 07~10 Days in Refrigerator. However, the shelf life for cut apricot is shorter which is 02~04 Hours on counter and 01~02 Days in refrigerator.


Health Facts of Apricot – Apricot are known to be very nutritious and low in calories as it contains essential vitamins and minerals. Apricot contains beta carotene, vitamin A and E, soluble fiber and high in potassium. Therefore, it is good to promote eye health and gut health act as an antioxidant tool which will boost skin health as well. Also, Apricot is a very hydrating fruit which can be easily added into diet, with the function of promoting liver health as well.


Famous Country of Producer – Aside from Turkey as the world largest apricot producing country, Iran, Uzbekista, Algeria, Italy, Pakistan, France are one of the famous countries to produce Apricot.


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