Xing Jiang Melon, 1 pc

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Type: Xing Jiang Melon
Size:  Medium
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Country: China

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Shelf Life – A whole, uncut cantaloupe/honeydew melon can last for 07~10Days in refrigerator. In room temperature can only last for 05~07Days.

Health Facts of  – Melon can assist in controlling blood sugar, reducing blood pressure and reducing the risk of getting heart disease. It has folate, Vitamin K and magnesium, therefore good in repairing and maintaining bone health. Honeydew is rich in electrolytes and water, therefore is very hydrating and good for skin health and immune system. It promote proper digestion and eye health.

Famous Country of Producer – China, Japan, United States of America and South Africa are the famous countries of producing Melon.


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