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China Sweet Mango Pcs

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Mango is one of the most popular tropical fruits, it’s juicy, pulpy and sweet. Mango maniacs could be easily found traveling to countries like India and Malaysia during the harvest season just to enjoy the wide variety of mangoes. Not just these countries but China is also a major producer of delicious mangoes.

Mango was first introduced and cultivated in China about 1,300 years ago. Mango trees can tolerate a wide range of climatic conditions. The crop is successfully cultivated under conditions which vary from very hot, very humid to cool and dry, to very hot and arid.

Almost half of the world’s mangoes are cultivated in India alone, with the second-largest source being China.

South China’s Guangdong Province is the largest producer of mango in the country due to its tropical monsoon climate with long and hot summers.

Cantonese people not only view mango as a fruit, but they have also discovered many ways to cook it into delicious delicacies.


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