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Banana, Berangan, 1 kg

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Type: Berangan
Size: Medium
Unit: 1kg
Country: Malaysia

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Banana Berangan

Shelf Life  – We recommend refrigerating bananas as soon as you buy them and using them within 2-3 months. If they are left in a room temperature setting, they will expire in 3-5 days.

Health Facts of Banana – Consuming bananas often means you are getting a lot of potassium. This mineral is vital to the heart and kidney, as well as muscle growth, nerve impulses and brain activity.

Bananas are great for reducing high blood pressure, minimizing the risk of stroke and are also good for your heart health. They’re also full of fiber and starch, which helps to metabolize fat more effectively and can help you lose weight.

Famous country producer  – Famous country producing bananas are, Philippines and India.

We offer more than banana berangan and you may always request a fruit brochure from us through WhatsApp.

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