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Fei Zhi Xiao Lychee, 500g

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Type: Fei Zhi Xiao Lychee

Origin: China

Weight : 500g

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Lychee – China

Shelf Life  – The shelf life of Lychee is between 4~5days in room temperature. However, the shelf life can be extended to 10~20 days by storing in fridge.
Health Facts of Lychee – Lychee contains good amount of Vitamin C that helps to protect the body from free radicals, oxidative stress and degenerative disease and prevent arthritis. Also, Vitamin B-complex and Phytonutrient flavonoids are found in Lychee. Lychee is known as to be effective in preventing early aging, suppress appetite, increase metabolism, protect from asthma. As Lychee contains high amount of dietary fiber, it helps to promote cardiovascular health.
Famous country producer  – China known to be the main producer of Lychees, however India and South Africa are known as the famous country producer for Lychees.


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