Lemon, 4 pcs

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Type: Lemon
Size:  BIG
Unit: 4 pieces
Country: South Africa

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Shelf Life  – Lemon can last 2 weeks in room temperature and between 3~6 weeks in refrigerator. However, for cut lemon, can only last 3~5 days in fridge to ensure the freshness.

Health Facts of Lemon – Lemon is known as the powerful antioxidant fruits which can helps in lowering stroke risk, blood pressure and cancer prevention. It is a good source for Vitamin C , thus improving immune system and skin quality as well as promotes hydration. Having Lemon can freshen breath. assist in digestion and prevent kidney stones.

Famous country producer  – Famous countries producing Lemons are, Argentina, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, United State of America, Iran and Turkey.


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