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Fragrant pear, CN, 4 pcs

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Type: Fragrant Pear

Unit: 4 pcs

Country: China

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Fragrant pear is small to medium-sized and shaped round or oval with long, straight, green-brown stems. The smooth, waxy skin is thin and has a yellow-green base covered in red blushing with prominent lenticels. The flesh is fresh, juicy and full of flavor. The aroma is strong and floral. When ripe the pears are juicy, crunchy and sweet with a few black-brown seeds in the core.

Pears are bit more challenging to eat in their raw form as they have a slightly crunchier texture but if you’re into that, then go for it! They can be used in a variety of dishes, including green salads, pasta salads, fruit salads and desserts. They can also be packed in lunchboxes or sliced and mixed into other dishes such as desserts. They can even be layered in sandwiches, paninis or grilled cheese.

We offer more than fragrant pear and you may always request a fruit brochure from us through WhatsApp.

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