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Hami Melon, 1 pc

(24 customer reviews)

Regular Price RM28.00 incl.VAT

Type: Hami Melon

Unit: 1 pc

Weight: 1.5kg++

Country: China

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Shelf Life – A whole, uncut cantaloupe/honeydew melon can last for 07~10Days in refrigerator. In room temperature can only last for 05~07Days.

Health Facts of  – Melon can assist in controlling blood sugar, reducing blood pressure and reducing the risk of getting heart disease. It has folate, Vitamin K and magnesium, therefore good in repairing and maintaining bone health. Honeydew is rich in electrolytes and water, therefore is very hydrating and good for skin health and immune system. It promote proper digestion and eye health.

Famous Country of Producer – China, Japan, United States of America and South Africa are the famous countries of producing melon.

We offer more than hami melon Malaysia fruit and you may always request a fruit brochure from us through WhatsApp.

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Thinking of a having hami melon in your fruit basket or gift pack to someone you care about for? Let us know and we will choose the best one for you.

We might not be able to update the product availability on time, if you find it out of stock, please WhatsApp us for latest stock update – WhatsApp Mr.Nick

24 reviews for Hami Melon, 1 pc

  1. Mr. Foo

    Thanks Nick from choosing great quality hami melon for us. Always fresh and juicy.

  2. Sabrina J

    Fast delivery and juicy hami melon.

  3. Jeryln

    This is my second time order for this hami melon. Kudos to the seller for good customer service!

  4. Phang

    Received in a very good condition. Tq so much seller 💖

  5. Lee JJ

    Sweet hami melon, recommended.

  6. Nick Lee

    Fast delivery! Tried and love it. So juicy.

  7. James

    Received in good condition, thanks! Placed order ytsd received by today super fast delivery

  8. Li

    sweet and crunch…. Also, the skin is very thin.. .. nice and recommended

  9. Eilyn

    Nice product. Will try to order in the near future along with several other items.

  10. Fanny

    Super fresh hami melon. Pleased to inform that I’m happy to buy it this time!!

  11. Star

    Thank you for the fast packing and delivery service… I’ve bought this a couple of times!

  12. Onii

    Great service from gofruits! Friendly and attentive to my questions

  13. Andrew

    I have been a very big fan of hami melon. The quality is excellent!

  14. Jackie

    The skin so thin, and juicy.
    The best refreshment in hot days

  15. Kenzo

    I’m very satisfied with the quality of fruits and seller’s attitude. The fruits are always fresh.

  16. Sow

    Hami melon arrived safely and received in good condition.

  17. Dylan Ng

    repeat purchase. all fresh!! keep it up wirh tge quality fruits. Will support again.

  18. Justin Ong

    Received order prompt delivery. Looks good. Hopefully the fruit turns out well

  19. Rico

    Second time ordering from gofruits. Fruits are fresh and reasonably priced

  20. Yu

    Repeated purchase from GoFruits. Received all fruits in good condition. Hami melon is sweet .

  21. Jian

    Excellent packaging, excellent quality and excellent delivery service.

  22. Bryan

    Hami melon arrived safely and received in good condition. All fruits are fresh.

  23. Anan

    Very fast delivery, always good service and helpful. will continue support again.

  24. Chow

    Fresh! and fast delivery..

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