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Jumbo Singo Pear, KR, 1 pc

(12 customer reviews)

Regular Price RM25.00 incl.VAT

Type: Singo Pear

Size: XL

Unit: 1 pc

Country: Korean

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Pear Singo Korea are crunchy, juicy and sweet with white creamy flesh. They are rounder and larger compared to regular pears.

Nutritional Value:
• Rich in folate
• Vitamin C
• Vitamin K
• Copper
• Potassium
• Antioxidants

Health Benefits:

1. Prevents High Blood Pressure and Strokes
Korean Singo Pears are high in potassium and may help in maintaining healthy blood pressure, which is the leading risk factor of strokes.

2. Heals the Throat and Vocal Cords
The natural fruit acid in fresh fruit can cause a burning sensation if you have a sore throat. Korean Singo Pears are less-acidic and contain vitamins and minerals that helps your body fight infections by supporting the immune system.

We offer more than pear singo Korea and you may always request a fruit brochure from us through WhatsApp.

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12 reviews for Jumbo Singo Pear, KR, 1 pc

  1. Dora

    The pears were delivered in good condition, the taste was smooth and nice light sweetness.

  2. Andy

    Thanks seller for the fast response, fruit received in great condition.

  3. Shanny

    cepat. pantas. barangan segar dan fresh. terbaik seller. keep it up !

  4. Annie

    Thank youuuu… buah2 semua elok & segar.. tqtqtq 👍🏻

  5. Shazreen

    Tak sangka cepat. Anyway very good service. Will repeat order. Thank you so much 👍❤️

  6. Noor

    Terima parcel dlm keadaan baik, buah fresh . Penghantaran laju. Good services. Tq seller

  7. Jazzy

    Received order with prompt delivery. Looks good. Hopefully the fruit turns out well

  8. Ryan

    Tasty n fresh.fruits 😍

  9. Yellow

    Very fresh fruits and definitely will repeat order

  10. Jerry

    Order yesterday & get it today, fruit was fresh sweet~ definitely will order again~ 👍

  11. Kim

    well received just next day. many thx to seller’s excellent services.

  12. Celine

    Order yesterday and today received! Fruits are fresh! Thank you seller.

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